Today’s in this data-centric world, we all know the power of Analytics and “How it helps us to achieve Organisational Excellence?” Organisational Excellence is a long-term commitment and must be consistent over time. It is the key factor which drives organisations to excel in every aspect. Over a period, we have been successfully delivering training across all industries. Attend our training program to know more about fundamental of Analytics to the advanced level of Analytics. Then perform Data Analytics effectively & confidently with your process data.

SPC Masterclass For Manufacturing Excellence (6 days’ Live Online Advanced Level Certification, Public Program for Key Manufacturing Process Owners and Team Members)

DOE Masterclass Certification (6 days’ Live Online Advanced Level Certification Program For Process Optimization & Product Robustness)

Masterclass in Statistical Thinking For Decision Makers (5 days’ Live Online Certification Program For SMART Managerial Decisions & Problem Solving)

List of Technical Programs

3 days’ intensive Training program – In this participants will learn in-depth application of Statistical Process Control concepts & techniques to achieve Manufacturing Process Excellence.

3 days’ intensive Training program – In this attendees will learn in-depth concepts of Advanced Level Statistical concepts required to Optimize Process & achieve Product Robustness

This Program Covers the Concepts & Principles of Statistics Thinking, that are critical to Effective Decision Making and Judgements, specially in the face of Risks & Opportunities.